Computer Security Applications

Security applications are necessity of the present time.
Having a security application installed over your computer is very important, you probably face many situations everyday that could harm your computer with malicious content without you knowing or consent.

If you're a regular web surfer, or download frequently, or even share a portable drives with friends or family, then your chances of getting your computer infected has just increased.

The absense of a security application is like driving bike without a helmet, you're just playing with the odds, it might happen, or not. It's always better to be safe than sorry. with either!

Fortunately, there are a lot security applications available, some of them are even free, so if you don't have the budget to pay for one, just use a free one.

Everyday new virus, trojan or any type of malicious files are created, before they are intented to harm machines but now the virus writer wants business (money) ,it's just one of those "human mystery behavior", but they do exist, and if you're not cautious then you might lose all your computer's content or even have your personal information revealed and used without your knowledge.

For example, a malicious technique called "keylogging" can be used against you to log every key stroke you make with your keyboard, this means all your passwords, chats.. then easily sent to the remote person that infected you with that file to use the information without your knowlege.

Also, if you frequently download files online, or share files with your friends, you're faced with a possibility of infection, malicious files are "covert" that means even your friend that you shared files with might get infected without him/her knowing about it.

There are a lot of arguments that none of the security applications are perfect, however that doesn't mean they are not necessary, they decrease the chance of your computer being infected by at least 70%.

Here is a list of security applications that I recommend for you to use: (Pick one only) I hv picked SOPHOS for you.

* McAfee Anti-virus ( You need to purchase )

* Sophos Anti-virus ( You need to purchase , but I'm giving 30days keys so that it works for you)

* Symantec Anti-virus ( You need to purchase )

* Kaspersky Anti-Virus ( You need to purchase )

* Clam -Anti-virus ( FREE)

* avast! Anti-Virus (Free edition available)

* AVG Anti-virus (Free edition available)

* Antivir - anti-virus ( FREE)

* Malwarebytes ( FREE)

From the above I would like to tell you about SOPHOs , the one which has got nice features.

Download it from the below link..

Sophos Anti-virus With Firewall

Sophos Anti-virus Without firewall.
The best practice is to have firewall and Anti-virus Installed

Follow the procedure to install

Username: ESEM96D3F2
Password: ugyefwth





When the configuration is finished run the scan over the machine

or you can create batch file and run it whenever you want you machine to scan

To do so copy the following content in a notepad and save it as "Scan.bat".

cd Program Files
cd Sophos
cd sophos Anti-virus
sav32cli -f -all -di -dn -remove -noc -p=c:\scanlog.txt 

Save the above one  as Scan.bat and run if you want to run command line scanner.

After you install the security application you chose, always make sure that you keep it up-to-date to better protect you from new malicious files.

P.S : If You have any query feel free to get back to me over  TALK TO ME or comment over here .


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