Transclusion begins

Today was one of the wost and most wonderful day of my life parellely moving one on one started on a gud note the middle got a dip ....but later ..regained all the lost ..Just like the share mkt..but as we all know in everything there is a +ve whatever it is ..we need to search out for it ... So when I was not in best of my mood ..I just sat down for 2O min thinking what n where I'm heading for , den I reflected upon the days when there was a fire in my belly to do the best ...with true heart and started my analysis ..n found that ..I am deviating from the real life ..karma ..and more moving into the Imaginative and thinking ways ...which is not at all in ryt proportion for me to get n give my best..n slowly n slowly ..I get that nothing has changed,.since the childhood the only thing that ..I had has been encapsulated ...den I paused for few seconds ...n closed my eyes to see ..hv I getting ..or not , and finally ..was feeling quite afresh.
Thanks to the Gurus ..boss & god , who gave me the mantra to look over ..whenever..the Q's withing arises ..and Answers seems to elude looking back n its ..minute little it may be. Last but not the least was the Journey that I had took back some 15 yrs back has re-ignited to accelerate from where it had mellowed down.
I write down whenever ..I feel ..its gud to write on adigital format ..and whenever there are times when left alone den why to waste time and y not 2 read what i thought at a particular instance ..n live that moment ...which is gud Idea then living in the false imagination...of XYZ kinds.
Hope my Journey begins much before the new yr From today Itself. AND Hope new year bring lots of happiess to all the ppl in the world ....and bring smile to all their faces And wish peace will spread like air removing boundaries & make the world a beatiful place live in...God Bless..and keep the mind from all disguise...Merry X-mass..ppl ..enjoy..

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