A 3 Days Affair :))

last weekend was very Special to me and for the people around me.
Guess guess whats so special about it ..?
Since Friday till Sunday it has been a great going for me.
It was my Birthday on 7th Jan ,turned 28 , which started with a bang... Lots of sms and message of friends over social network pouring ..I was on cloud 9 , As I never thought of getting such surprises of Lovely wishes.
These are some of the precious gifts I look for more than any other.
Since my younger brother Birthday falls a day after mine i.e 8th Jan ..so we always celebrate together on 8th Jan.
But we both extended our Birthday by 1 day ..and celebrated it on Sunday as well..though we did celebrated on 7th and 8th ..but since our sister couldn't able to make to the celebration we celebrated on Sunday.

Before that on 8th I had a great time with my friends, we had made a plan well in advance to have a meet on this day as one of my friend (Prabhjot) has got Job in central bank of India CBI , so he was giving us treat.

So we 3 ( Me , Praveen and Prabhjot) met in Cannaught place , day was foggy as usual ...and as expected in starting week of January.
though we had put a event over Facebook for the meet but no one turned up , I think others were caught in cold delima go or not.

Following are some of the pics:

 Me and my younger brother
Cake(Chocolate and Nuts)
 Me and Praveen
 Me and Prabhjot
 Praveen and Prabhjot
India Gate
Last Sunshine

Later we cut cake , but as prabhjot has some work , we did it in a hurry ..near CP metro station , there after prabhjot left and we both went to India Gate.
Spent sometime over there ..cool breeze was flowing ..later it got strong ..and then we  finally left to our respective home.

On Sunday my sister along with Brother-in-law came , and then we have some belated celebration of Birthdays of both.
Day temp around 4-5 Degrees had pakodas of different types , mom made for us ..and we all were in quilt as it was damn cold , didn't have pics of that as ..didn't felt clicking ..too Lazy of me 

P.S :This post I wrote on Sunday evening ...was too lazy too post ,
       PC waiting since 2 months ..to get operational 


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