Wish You A Very Happy Diwali ( I'm back)

Hi friends , I had been away from this sphere for a reasonable long period.
Finally I'm back , And moreover I missed your posts as you will have missed mine.

It has been a testing time for me especially , when things doesn't goes the way you wish or look forward. But as it is said, all well that ends well. 

So friends , on the eve of festival of lights (Diwali) , how are you planning to celebrate it ? do let me know , its nice to see your views over here.
I'm thankful to you all for your blessing which is really working for me . My mom is recovering and is doing exceeding well in the process.
A Big XOXO to you all :).

You People has been the best , to whom I sometime look and find a connect , which is the driving force for me.
Its been ages since , I've celebrated Diwali ( 6yrs) the way it used to be full of fun and masti and dhamaal. Those days are definitely gone , but trying to re-live them is still within vicinity.
But as we grow-up there is a change in our approach and perception toward things , of these numerous thing one thing is this Festival of lights.

Its one of my favourite festival , which I throughly enjoy , where light reigns and darkness vanishes both ways naturally and emotionally and spreads happiness.

But ever since I left my native place , I pledged not to bust crackers , keeping in mind the very atmosphere of ours , air which is at its worst state and on this particular day especially for asthma patient its the very tough time to deal with.

If we all think out of box from our own selfintest ,and instead of busting crackers and wasting money if we can utilize that in some other constructive activity , from which we gets a long lasting satisfaction and which brings smiles not only to us but others as well.

Hmm Childrens are hard to stop ,but if we being the elders give them an insight on the adverse effects of these will surely make them mould into the logical and process oriented things then elsewhere.

Its the common perception of people , what will happen if I stop doing while others are still following it , well why can't we be the change to give others the directions to greater creative and prosperous future of the individuals.

Finally I would say Go green , say No to crackers.let you take the 1st step others will follow.Light DIA's candles and decorative lights and play games  (not gambling) and dance .

Wish You all A very Happy Diwali , May all your wishes comes true and lord infuses you with lots of  energy.

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