First Blog via Mobile :-))

Hi friends, how are you all doing ?. I'm fine and doing great, just busy with somee work and studies. Its been 3 weeks since I had opened my PC. And this my 2nd post from my cell. ..since i'm experimenting. . 1st post was accidently posted w/o I knowing it. .it was tricky. .though now I'm not using that option as its not that good. ..onle we can only do micro bloggong via that and posting pics i didn't yet figured out :( . But the best thing is. .thanks to opera and google chrome light. browser on Andriod Platform. .

A post from my side is long pending. .so I will come with one soon. ...just its work this week which will keep me at my looking forward to have great week ahead. Though I'm not feeling well today. .even we 3 ( Mom, me and little brother ) are having tough tym. .with health...I'm down with common cold... brother with having pain in because of sugery done again.
Hope and wish Mom gets well soon :-) .
I've asked my brother to do a checkup of self to identify.
for self its the cold water therapy ;-) .

Rest, now its time for sleep :-) See you again keep smiling. ... :-).

P.S :- Mobile blogging is really tiring lots of things to do.
especially when inserting pic. . Though I've added code
since posting via browser is of restrictive kind.
here comes the new era of blogging begins :-)).


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