Welcome Back MOM :)

Hi friends , finally I'm back as its been a while since I've visited this space.
Today being a wonderful day , as Mom is finally back home from my sisters place,she was not keeping well of late and was diagnosed with stone in gallbladder , and a surgery was recommended.
And by Gods grace my cousin brother a great doc from the family is here in NCR region. Where we admitted mom and after some tests , surgery was done and Operation went well.

My brother was there with MOM at hospital for 3 days , after that mom was discharged , but since there should be somone to take care of her. since we both are into jobs. so sister decided to take her home so..mom was there for almost 2 weeks. Went there in between to see how is she recovering and it was nice to see Mom was walking pretty ok.
And now really happy as today finally she is  back home.
Still mom need to take some precuations and lots of rest, will be fine soon.
I'll be leaving for Goa this week for an official gettogether which will go on for whole week.Though I'm least interested this time to go there as mom require care,but its official so have to go.leaving MOM with younger brother to take care.
I'm really sorry friends couldn't able to read some of your posts , I missed you all.

Though I've started a social network space , which also keeps me busy where some of my friends and friends of friends connects dicusses a space completely for friends. 
I named it Friends Space.If you like to join in there you are most welcome and you can ask your friends as well.Since I need to check who is joining in there is realself and not fake ones so there is a approval system in place (sorry for that little inconvenaynce), which take sometime.The url for the site is http://networksecurity.wall.fm
Though the url name is a bit diffrent from the Name of the space ,it was initially made by me keeping in mind my profession. Being in IT Security
field..but later changed since friends desperately wanted to create a special space, So thats how it came into existence.
Wish you great weekend.

P.S : Last week my External USB drive 320 GB  containing huge collection of important data from documents to Classical movies , software and songs and much more get lost , but finally able to recover about 90% data ( recovery of data took lots of time).This month is really harsh over me  :( .

Pic Src : http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3008/2566782589_7a3137f3cd.jpg


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