I shall seek Summer's Solace in winters
Blissful ambiance of flowers
seeking into the treasured moments ,
simulated sublimely for sometime in mind.

love , keep me away from acute pain
Sings a song to keep away negativity,
but there is a fear in me someone whispered.
the fear of getting deceived by life.

It will be a dead-end ,
if I would ceased perceiving life.
I must not stop , I must persist
In solving  life's riddles.

I'm only a poet,
no more people adulation
just a sheer affection.

you and only you budding again in bouquet,
after winter's iced chilled slumber,
in search of solace.

P.S : Winters finally back with a bang , with shivering cold all over the  
        northern region , I'm just trying to get into rhythm. just trying hands
        after a gap over poem at this hour!.


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