The Sticky wicket

Yes you read and heard it right sticky wicket ,No I'm not in any such situation its the congress government finding themselves at the moment and not even able to make any clear decision ever since their supremo i.e remote control Sonia Gandhi is missing from the scene due to ill health.

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to INDIA gate to be a part of the rally against Corruption from India gate to Ramlila Maidan , its the second time I had been involved in a rally against the Govt  and for a greater cause i.e  corruption. 1st  it was way back i.e 1997 , when at my present state ( Uttrakhand ) we were demanding for a separate state (from U.P)  , I was in Doon city that time and studies were badly affected by the movement , even corfu was imposed in my native place (Srinagar Garhwal) , but after a substantial struggle we got a separate state after 2 yrs.
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India Gate
Rally gathering
Tri Color Everywhere
Rally Begins
Little Girl
People In Full flow
Kids also enjoying
In the morning yesterday , I along with my friend decided to go Ramlila maidan which we later changed  after knowing about the rally at India gate at 5 Pm.
We arrived the venue half hour early though rally started a bit late i.e 5:30 PM.
The scene was amazing never seen such a huge gathering at such a short notice wherever we one see find people with tri-color flag and banners with lots of slogans and remarks Like " Sonia Gandhi get well Soon , Rahul gandhi Yuvaoon ke neta kha gaye eid ke Moon " , "Hu ha Hu ha ..K.S Chuha ..." , there were lots of other messages too. We both were holding a Banner written "Vande Matram " on it .this we borrowed it from other in the rally was sudden didn't  an later waved the Flag.
Its a great feeling  ..that can only be felt and the +ve energy it encompassed and spread is amazing.
When we reached Ramila maidan it was almost 8:15 PM  and the entry as long it can gets a long queue.
Finally entered the Ground and found major part of it was muddy. finally reached near near Anna where he was addressing us , that we will not give up till last breath, its our pledge and we will do it for our Nation.
Anna Speaking
As  corruption is concern , I had two instances of corruption  in recent times 2008 and 2009 , in 2009 my mobile phone was stolen while I was travelling back to office , to get a duplicate sim and blocking the SIM I had to get a FIR copy from police , all behaved well , except the person who was supposed to sign it for further logging into the police record but he said , it won't be possible today as there are lots of application pending, he was clearly asking for the bribe to get it signed , since all other staff supported , but I didn't gave him a penny and went to the officer that he is not signing and finally got it done.
It was coming back from Mumbai via train I didn't got my ticket confirmed it was RAC and was very busy and late to check the status online , So took any of random seat T.T came and checked and then he asked come over here , yours is RAC ..if you want to get a seat give me Rs 500 I will arrange for a seat.. I said ok fine will give 1st give me seat, I will give you the money no worry but as I got seat I didn't gave him a penny ..he was rounding there  many time and I just keep ignoring him and giving him a stare like ..WHAT ...? . and I never give him , why I would be anyway giving no ways.

I had been supporting  this movement from the very begining  i.e 5th April 2011. Many people I found and heard of opposing it and saying such agitations are not of any significance.which means , that they have given-up  hope and also the basic fundamental rights to express and peacefully protest the Gandhian way in democracy.
Its been 42 years since this law was suggested but it never got through , as some corrupt MPs ( eg: Lalu yadav , Amar singh) don't want it to pass and so it has been pending from so long.
If we don't realise its critical importance to the Nation then we doing one of the Most Dangerous mistake of our generation which the next gen will definetly Question us about.
Its  suprising to hear that activitist , author Arudhaty roy is not in favour of Anna and the lokpal bill. I don't understand what she is looking upto then the voices will be heard.
A 74 year old a true Gandhian  has got the guts to challenge the govt and it was he who put and made the govt to make so many silly mistakes and now whole country is connecting themself to him one on sync.
Corruption is like a dirty cloth , which if washed on time will be easy and look good then when its used and used  and never washed and when washed never give any impression it was ever washed.
Our state is also same we something we have to act ..and get it done smartly.
As said  great are not those who blame others and make their ways to top but those who accept it and take failure as a lesson of life and take it as a stepping stone for further progress.
7 days of fast and governments still stands arrogantly , its time to act for them or face the anger of the people.
Meanwhile the NPRI activist Aruna roy (also a member of NAC) and team has filed a different version of Lokpal , which I don't support , only one point on PM i.e inclusion subject to some condition which I can take as add-on to Jan Lokpal and nothing else.
I would like to know your point of view on this. So I can see and asses how the blogging world is looking and reacting to it.

P.S : I Wants to write on the day i.e Sunday itself but got very tired and slept. Yesterday(Monday) I thought of writing but light played the spoil sport, coming and going , at last today morning  I got some respite to do my deed.


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